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Rise Up Music Video Concept Design

Band Design-Blk.jpg
Concept Design-Blk.jpg
Concept Design 02-Blk.jpg

Design and animation by Chus Sarrión.

Fran provided the lyrics and the concept behind the song, but Chus expanded on the idea and created a masterpiece. The animated music video for “Rise Up” has won multiple awards and is still in consideration for many other festivals.

RISE UP - Brussels International Film Festival - BIFF - Best Animation 2023 Chus
Best Animation Music Video 2023 - EUROPE MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS - RISE UP.png
RISE UP - SHORT to the Point - Best Music Video 2023.png
RISE UP - Global Shorts - Best Music Video 2023.png

Best Music Video

Global Shorts



Silver Winner: Animation: Short Form

Telly Awards


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