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Follow what you’re thinking

Cry no more…

No more fear

Say you will…

I know you can

What is going through your head?

For weeks you’ve been uneasy

A mirror’s shattered edge

Don’t try declaring innocence with me

Some day, confusion will end

Think back when time was never ending

I know you, I know what you’ve been through

A lifetime a living silent

The silence never ends

Say you will…

I know you can

Cry no more…

No more fear

A battle you don’t even care to win

Rise Up

Freedom’s brother is coming to let you out

It’s time for another bloody revolution

Your eyes have seen...

Far too much destruction

Too many lies...

Rise-Up and see the sunlight above

Freedom is a foreign word 

When you’ve got nowhere to hide

Left and Right-wing democracy 

Ensuring us with lies

Your lungs have seized...

From too much pollution

How many more times must you...

Sacrifice the ones that you love

Step back to take a look

Instead, you close your eyes

Right now you’re feeling sick

It’s time to put on your happy face again

Grizzly Country

Do you ever feel...

Like you’re swimming up river

Without a tail...

Through grizzly country


Do you secretly wish...

You could somehow dismiss?

Or forget altogether...

About your former lover?

It’s time for a road trip

A geographical change (oh oh oh)

It’s time for you, it’s time to go

It’s time for you to go away hey 

Geographical change

Are you sure you’re not dreaming...

about waking up someday?

When all this shit will be over...

Emotional roller coaster...

Summer of Love

I’ve seen the summer of love

Don’t tell me that you love me…

Because I only wanna walk out that door

Don’t lie… It doesn’t suit you

My Mamma taught me I could never

trust a girl with no point of view

If you need a lover...If you need a friend 

Calling my number...Its the summer again

Don’t cry… You know I hate that

My father mentioned I could never trust again…

Especially you

Look back… You know I came so far

My sister chased me down...

And tried to kick my ass for stealing her cigarettes

If you need a lover...If you need a friend 

Calling my number...Its the summer again

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