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Artist Info

2016-2020, Fran Trachta began collaborating and recording a selection of original songs with some of the biggest names in the San Antonio music scene. "Soul Pigeons" and” Moving At the Speed of Life" were both recorded at Harter Music, one of the best recording studios in Central Texas. Most of the songs were released as singles, allowing each song to have a unique sound. Two animated music videos for "Subterranean”, and “Rise Up” have won multiple awards at various film festivals. The current list of awards is available on the video page on our website and both projects, are currently streaming online and also available for download.


In 2023, Fran Trachta decided to go back into the studio and work on a brand new batch of songs. “10K Thoughts”, is the first single from that group of new material, and is perfect for a road trip playlist, very chill and flows melodically. It was written and recorded on an acoustic guitar. Cello and guitar leads seem to play off of one another throughout the mix, taking this song in a vastly different direction than the last two projects. The final mixes were finished in late 2023 and "10K Thoughts" is now streaming and available online.

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